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What is SIPNDIP?

SIPNDIP is a product development corporation specializing in innovative designs. We manufacture and design your product from concept to creation. as well as assist with acquiring copyrights, trademarks and U.S or international patents for your product with the help of our experienced attorneys, leaving you with a fully developed product, for you to present to distributors.


Want a fun way to dunk your cookies?
Sip & Dip is the most fun you'll have with milk and cookies, ever! Who wants to stick their fingers into milk, when you can use the Sip & Dip's crazy straw to drink your milk while you dunk your cookie! Check out all the awesome colors and tell your mom you want one today!

Great for:

  • Party Favors
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Kids of all ages!
  • Corporate Promotions Giveaways
  • Moms love them, and Kids want to collect them all!

    It's as Easy as 1-2-3!


    Hey Mom!

    Want your kids to have milk and cookies fun without the germs or the mess? Sip & Dip is the perfect gift! Kids load the cookie, dunk it in, sip their milk through the straw, pull the cookie out and enjoy, with no mess and no dirty hands in their milk!

    Constructed from non-toxic plastic, dishwasher-safe and great for kids 4 and older, Sip & Dip is great for a stocking stuffer, parties or scholastic reward.

    With each online order, a portion of the proceeds go to the Walter Curry Foundation, benefiting kids affected by Autism.

    Show your kids how cool moms dunk and drink in the 21st century! Order Sip & Dip Now!

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