Join the Sip n Dip Team!

Today, the Sip N’ Dip company is united in its commitment to David’s vision. We strive to produce outstanding products that bring joy to children of all ages, while giving back to our communities through donations to Autism Research and other children charities.

Sip n’ Dip is proud to bring fun and learning to children all over America. Join the team by clicking a link below:
Start a FranchiseSip and Dip Smart Car

Just a big kid at heart? Play for a living! Franchise owners will receive a customized Sip n’ Dip Smart Car (Because you are what you drive!), a mascot costume for special events, a wide range of Sip n’ Dip cookie dippers and merchandise, and support for promoting and marketing the product. They will be encouraged to hand out free samples at community events catering to children and their families, and will have the opportunity to charge local clients to bring cookies, milk, and Sip n’ Dip merchandise to birthday parties, corporate events, etc. Share in the fun, share in the funds! Own a Sip n’ Dip franchise for earning and learning!

Invite Sip N’ Dip

Make a splash at your next party- invite Sip N’ Dip!
Put your Corporate Logo on a Cookie Dipper (Makes a great souvenir for company events and as always, a portion of your purchase will go to children’s charities!)

Sip and Dip Bus

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