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Cookie Dunker – There’s a Pat (Application) For That!
Cookie Dunker for dunking cookies into milkTired of cookies falling to the bottom of your cup while dunking them in milk? There’s a patent (application) for that!
As a kid growing up perhaps you too were a victim of crumbling cookies and milk soaked fingers. As an avid cookie dunker, I constantly had to fetch out cookie pieces from my glass of milk after the cookie absorbed too much milk and disintegrated into a million pieces. But, take heart young children, there’s a pat (application) for that! No longer will cookies be lost into an abyss of milk, never to be seen again.
David Kowlessar has invented a device that keeps your fingers out of the milk and protects the cookie from falling to the bottom of your cup. For good measure, the invention even includes a straw for an all-in-one enjoyable cookie dunking experience.
Cookie Dunker for dunking cookies into milk
Fig. 1 of US pre-grant publication 2009/0133586 A1 shows a cookie cover (160) which secures the cookie (C) inside the dipping apparatus (100), with a straw (S) protruding through the dipping apparatus (100) all the way to the bottom of the cup.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kowlessar and his son a few years ago in Washington, DC. He, like many small inventors, was very hopeful that a patent would be granted for his invention. A look at the image file wrapper shows no action has been taken on this application yet, but for the sake of children and their cookies around the world, we here at Noro IP wish him the best of luck!

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